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I (Amber) started to get severe eczema back in late 2019.  I then spent months trying the many creams and ointments prescribed by my GP to a variety of different brands you would find from high street shops. Unfortunately they would either have little/no effect or sometimes even make the eczema worse. I got to the point of not knowing what I had left to try, and it was impacting every part of my day to day life.


I started to research natural skincare and I was soon learning about the huge variety of natural ingredients that can benefit your skin. Soon after I started off experimenting with making my own body butters with the aim to help minimise the itchiness and soothe the inflamed skin.

Luckily (although it took me some time to find the most suitable ingredients and formulas) this time I finally found something that felt soothing, protected my skin and was suitable to use from head to toe. I have shared images of  my own skin transformation on the Amber Lilly social media pages to show you how much my completely natural and organic based formulas for skincare have soothed my irritable and allergy-prone skin.



The before and after photo's showing how Amber's Eczema dramatically improved when starting to use her own formula of the now sold, Naked Body Butter.

Have you started to use the Naked range by Amber Lilly?

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My aim is to always make skincare products that I would only want to use myself. This means using only quality natural ingredients that will be nourishing and beneficial to the body. 



Amber Lilly is also environmentally aware, we are not only considerate about looking after ourselves but also the environment we live in. 

Because of this we are ensuring that all the containers our products arrive to you in can be recycled or reused at home. The postal packaging will again be recyclable. 

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