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Autumn Skin Care Is Self Care

The season is changing once again, from Summer to Autumn, and do I have to admit, I always look forward to this change in the year.

However much I look forward to the seasonal changes, I am always considering the impact it may have in my skin. As some of you reading this may know, I started the Amber Lilly skincare brand, after formulating my own relief to chronic Eczema. Although now my Eczema is under control, like many of us who suffer with skin conditions, I do still get flare ups set off by irritants or other factors and temperature change can be a real factor for me!

With this in mind I am planning to allow for the extra self care time to ensure my skin is nourished no matter the time of year. Here are some of my Autumn self care plans:

🧡 Making time for a soak in the bath. I have always loved a relaxing bath as a bit of self care but ever since I started to suffer with severe Eczema, a bath has felt like my life saver. Having a warm bath really did help soothe my skin and to take away the nightmarish itch that drove me absolutely crazy. I never add soapy bubbles to my bath because I find they dry my skin out too much. However, I will always add my own blend of essential oil soaked Himalayan bath salts to suit my physical and mental being for the day. Adding my own bath salts to the tub gives the soak that extra anti inflammatory power to leave my skin feeling so soothed.

🧡 Staying hydrated. Although I am always partial to a hot drink whether a tea or hot chocolate (even more when the colder months start to arrive), I will always ensure I am drinking plenty of water.

🧡 Maintaining my moisturising routine (but you wouldn’t expect any less from a skincare creator, would you?!). I use my Naked Body Butter as my go to moisturiser from head to toe along with other Amber Lilly products. I especially love to use my Naked Body Butter as a night cream for my face when it’s going through a ‘patchy’ stage.

🧡The Amber Lilly Orange and Cocoa butter lipbalm will become my little skincare staple again. I used to suffer with Eczema on my lips too, and this formula saves them from becoming a victim to the harsh weather and conditions we can face. I know I sell and advertise this product as a lipbalm, but I sometimes love to rub a little into my hands, especially when it’s colder outside to give them the extra protection gained from the organic beeswax in the lipbalm formula.

So these are my skincare essentials that I know will get me through the Autumnal weather and moods,

leaving my skin and mind feeling nourished and calm.

Fancy making your own Himalayan bath salts? Look out for my next post, that will include a DIY recipe.

Naked Body Butter

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